Giving faqS

Is my giving information secure?

All sensitive financial information is stored with bank level security. All information is secured with 256 AES encryption and stored by our banking partner to Level 1 PCI compliance standards. Additionally, all transmissions to our banking partner and on our site are via an encrypted HTTPS connection.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept donations from credit/debit cards as well as your Bank Account (ACH/e-check). While we’re happy to accept your donation by any means, Bank Account donations cost significantly less, allowing more of your gift to go towards ministry. Gift cards and pre-paid cards will not process.


Are there fees when I give online?

There is a 47¢ per transaction fee as well as rates of 3% for credit/debit cards and 1% for ACH/e-check donations. The church pays these fees; however, you have the option of adding the percentage fee to your donation to help cover the costs.


Do I need to create an account?

No; however, creating an account will allow you to view your online giving history, expedite future donations, and allow you to set up recurring donations if you choose.


Will I receive a receipt when I give online?

Yes. You will be emailed a donation receipt each time you give. You will also receive a statement from the church in January showing your contributions throughout the year, whether given in person or online.


Can I give by text?

Yes!  To get started, text the word GIVE to 1(509)486-7733 and follow the prompts. For future donations after this one-time registration, you can easily give without having to re-enter your information. Simply text the desired amount and the fund keyword (Ex. 150 TITHE for $150.00 to the Tithes/Offerings fund).  You can text KEYWORDS to the giving number to see a list of available funds. Other text commands include EDIT (to make changes to your giving account and update contact information and/or update payment information) and REFUND (To refund your last gift, you must text REFUND within 15 minutes. If you realized the mistake after 15 minutes, contact the church for a refund).


If you have other questions, feel free to contact us at the church office:

Phone: (509)773-4650